"Din senin de ap: Facerea Lumii" [Out of Infinite Clear Waters: The Genesis]. Likewise, the wolf is still present as a symbol in Romanian culture. Another legendsays that old Urias burial mounds hides amassive horde of riches that can only be discovered on Christmas Eve, at Easter, or on St. Georges Day, when magical fires burn above his grave. The varkolak or vyrkola or vrykolakas, also called vorvolakas or vourdoulakas, is a harmful undead creature in Slavic folklore. This is a welcome development, on the whole, as the American public's . In another instance, should this army not come, God shall burn the earth as described and bring the Blajini to live there. Folklore has been an integral part of Romanian culture for many centuries. Traditionally, men wore a white shirt and pants (if made of wool they are called iari) with a wide leather belt, usually over the shirt, and a vest sometimes made of leather and embroidered. Other accounts, closer to the biblical one, suggest that the Devil and his demons were once angels of God. Once upon a time, at the very beginning of the world, there was nothing but water. To preserve traditional houses, many village museums have been created in the last century throughout Romania,[5] such as the Village Museum in Bucharest, the Traditional Popular Civilisation ASTRA Museum in Sibiu or the Oltenian Village Museum in Rmnicu Vlcea. The "chupacabra hysteria" was frequently associated with deep economic and political crises, particularly during the mid-1990s. When he asked his youngest how much she loved him, she told him I love you like the salt in your meal, father. Romania's rich folk traditions have been nourished by many sources, some of which predate the Roman occupation. She is the author of Dreamland, Transylvania's History A to Z, bestseller Joyful Trouble and other 18 books. However, Romanian mythology is full of characters, and you can read more about them here or in future articles. So, it is believed, that in the deepest caves of the Carpathians Mountains may still live some Jidovi, protecting the treasures for generations to come. Strigoi also include ghosts, wights, banshees, wraiths, ghouls, zombies and other shades of undeath and all forms of lycanthropy. He only wanted his daughter to be happy. Discover some of the most powerful legends in Romanian folklore, which influenced and gave birth to numerous tales and stories. We all know the phenomenon of children having imaginary friends. Occasionally they help children find answers to moral questions in life. He is described as a shooting star, coming down through the chimney or the window, entering a girls room in the shape of an incredibly handsome man and, sometimes, in the shape of the man the girl loves. They were judged like whores, discredited by the community and by their family, blamed to have a weak will and no love or respect for the working, responsible husband. The Nalusa Falaya from Choctaw mythology slithers like a snake, preying on children who stay out too late. Category:Romanian legendary creatures - Wikipedia And when the banquet was held, the king was flabbergasted at the taste of his food. Of course, there are so many that are less widely known, but just as uniquely interesting. He is smart and hard-to-defeat. He is known to kidnap children and young women, and features in multiple Romanian folktales, where he kidnaps the princess and must be defeated. Believed to look like a mix between a snake and a reptile, the Vasilisc had a killer gaze and poisonous breath. Romanian Legends and Myths - Pinterest There, he studies the languages of all the beings from Earth, all the magic spells ever created, and then, after many hard tests, he is left alone, to a rock table, to write down all of his knowledge in his own book. Vampires in popular culture | by Ben Douglass via Flickr. is the Slavonian blan meaning 'kind, well-minding person'. This Romanian vampire . In his search, Ft-Frumos had many adventures, acquiring a flying horse and fighting many of the monsters we mention below. You might want to try it. From the countrys own Prince Charming to the origins of Dracula. And the butterfly morphed further into a young man. "Aluxes" are creatures from Mayan mythology, depicted as small elven or goblin-like spirits known for creating mischief. All Rights Reserved. What are the Different Kinds of Vampires in Folklore? - WiseGEEK The Romanian mythology is quite impressive. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Performance". 13 Bizarre Mythical Monsters to Haunt Your Halloween Inspired by the breath and depth of classic action RPG and farming games,"A Viking's Quest, the Lost Continent" is an engaging, dynamic world role playing game where you experience a beautifully hand crafted world of fantasy and adventure. Finally, Ft-Frumos practically means handsome son. He is the Romanian superhero who gets to slay all the mythical monsters we listed above. With stories being passed down from one generation to another, the Romanian folklore was always rich with magical or scary tales. His second daughter said I love you like sugar, father, and he was pleased as well. Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. Glad WP is sorted. The Strigoi is a vicious vampiric creature who returns from the dead to drink the blood of their relatives. What sweet love his daughters had for him. RavenInTheSky. I, too, seem to notice that WP is out of sorts at times. Most of these names can be found in the Romanian Lore in reference to Vampires and Dragons. Sometimes compared to other fantastic creatures, such as the balaur or the vrcolac, the zmeu is nevertheless distinct, because it usually has clear anthropomorphic traits: it is humanoid and has legs, arms, the ability to create and use artifacts such as weapons, or the desire to marry young girls. Want to find out more about Romanian mythical monsters, besides the ever-present Dracula? However, there is oneRomanian tale of a storm in the shape of a balaur that saves two young lovers from the wrath of a jealous aristocrat. 8 Myths of Romania | Popular Folklore, Legends and Tales Basilisk. In fact, it may have been observed and recorded by our distant ancestors knowledge that was buried in ancient texts and folklore, according to a peer-reviewed study published Tuesday in the journal Marine Mammal Science. By taking the shape of a dragon, appearing in the sky and spitting fire, the Zmeu belongs to a particular category of villains. The balaur appears in most love stories as an evil character. Eventually, he realised he was being had and demanded to know why! Other rare natural phenomena such as Eclipses or Comets were seen as a sign of impending doom. There is more on dragon-like creatures in the Romanian mythology in what follows. Werewolves, vampires, capcaun, zmeu and many other mythical creatures originated in East Europe in Transylvania, Romania. Similarly gigantic, the Jidovi are the giants of the Carpathian Mountains. Other uncategorized cookies are those that are being analyzed and have not been classified into a category as yet. Sentimental music, however, is the most valued, and Romanians consider their doina (a sad song either about one's home or about love, composed like an epic ballad) unique in the world. Sea monsters? This bizarre whale feeding technique may explain some Had you been much later, I would have perished myself!. Im Author of the Year, Spillwords Press Awards! [Romanian Pluvial Myths In a World Wide Context]. If youd like us to research and write about a particular place, get in touch! Jidovi and uria (giants) Repulsive, savage and present in many stories, the uria are often depicted with menacing size equal to the one of mountains. Even if they did or did not exist, they left us beautiful stories about their way of living. At the beginning of 1900, there were still some people who claimed to have heard real stories about Jidovi from their grandparents who saw them in person. Earthquakes are frequently attributed to the earth slipping due to the Devil's constant gnawing at these pillars, which are rebuilt by God and his angels in times of fasting. Nuggets of Romanian Folklore, Myths and Legends Jewels of Romanian History and Travel. Music and dance represent a lively part of the Romanian folklore and there are a great variety of musical genres and dances. Are these some fantasy creatures? According to the stories, a vampire is a Strigoi possessing a bat, just like a werewolf is a Strigoi possessing a wolf. Top 10 Greatest Mythological Creatures and Legendary Creatures of Myth and Folklore Werewolf: Wolf-human shapeshifter (Global Culture) Dragon: Depicted as fire-breathing and winged (Global Culture) Chimera: Hybrid Fire-breathing creature (Greek Mythology) Loch Ness Monster: Aquatic monster (Scottish Folklore) The founding father of vampire literature, Bram Stoker, introduced the cruelest Wallachian ruler of XVth century Romania to the world. Were from South Africa, and have a keen interest in history, mythology and culture. anything that can shape shift scares me! They are also known as vampires. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. A sly and repulsive antagonist, the Omul Spn, Bold Man, Glabrous Man, is a character of treacherous intelligence, yet he has the role of initiating Harap-Alb, the hero of the Romanian fairytale with the same title, thus representing, together with the Red Emperor, a necessary evil for the growth of the protagonist. In these stories the Devil goes by the name "Nefrtatul" and is the somewhat foolish brother of God in folk versions of stories. [1]:6971. They are either described as malicious or as having great respect for God and leading a sinless life. The Hydra in the Marvel universe is essentially lifted straight from the myth, ultimately being defeated by Hercules in a fight witnessed by the Eternals Ikaris and Phastos. Thus explaining the many names the Bible used for God, the Oltenians believed the first God was called Sabaoth, followed by Amon, Apollo, the Creator God of the Bible and, finally, Jesus Christ. Top 5 Romanian Folk Tales - #FolkloreThursday But as he pushed, the earths expansion kept God from ever falling off. . Its even capable of moving invisibly. The Legends and Myths of Transylvania - Culture Trip Of course. His eldest daughter said I love you like honey, father, and he was very pleased. This is just one of them! A legend in his home country, Vlad was incredibly impressive in inspiring fear and horror into his Turkish enemies, demoralising their troops. But the best legend ever is that of the famous agreement between the great Dacian king Burebista and all the Jidovi from the mountains. And while we do have some pretty funny superstitions, other legends are very meaningful and even a little bit believable. Jerry Fuchs on LinkedIn: #folklore #creatures #cartoons #illustrations Jidovii are described in Romanian legends as kind and patient, walking with huge steps from one hill to another. Were Glenn and Katja! The cookies is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Necessary". The word Strigoi originates in medieval Romanian folklore. She forgave him, and they all lived happily ever after. What are some unique aspects of Romanian folklore and legend? But fartat also means prieten. The Strigoi is also a shapeshifter, able to transform itself into a bat, animal or fog. Ielele bathe in glacial lakes, and dance on mountain cliffs and in meadows. The Romanian creation myth According to the tale of creation, God and the Devil are master and servant, the devil (Nefrtatul) being God's foolish brother. Romanian Mythical Monsters - The Adventures of Kiara Yew Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors. Perhaps the most well known form of vampire, popularized by fiction and film in the Western world, is the nosferatu. One day, God decided to create the earth, and enlisted the help of the animals and of his brother. In the show, Zanna are actually the imaginary friends children see. A varcolac (or vrcolac or vircolac) in Romanian folklore may refer to several different figures. Rememeber, Romania has the largest population of canis lupus (wolves) in Europe. Every story has a beginning, and our tale of the five most beloved Romanian villains starts with the Dacian Draco. Others claim that they are descendants of St. Elijah and that this is the reason why they master the storms and the thunders so well. Ielele are stunning nymph-like women who dance under the moonlight. They are centered on popular characters like the prince Ft-Frumos (the Romanian "Prince Charming"), the princess Ileana Cosnzeana, the villain or monster Zmeu or Cpcun, the dragon Balaur or fantastic superbeings like the good Zn and the evil Muma Pdurii. The 8 haunting creatures of Transylvania Now the water was everywhere, so both brothers were floating about. Past and Present Monsters of Folk Tales - Books by Patricia Furstenberg, The Old Bear in Romanian Mythology and Folklore, Garlic and Dreamland Book, Superstitions on Pentecost, Rusalii, Nuggets of Romanian Folklore, Myths and Legends, Martisor, 1 March, Celebrating Old and New, Change and Hope, Legend of Rasinari, Resin City and a Roman Soldiers Payslip, Talking Books, Romania s Folklore and History, on #CarteaDeVineri this Friday. In Maramure, wood was used to create impressive structures such as churches or gates; in Dobruja, windmills were made of wood, and in mountainous regions hardwood was used even for covering the roof. Folklore monsters, Romanian hip-hop, and a one-armed - PCGamer Once upon a time, at the very beginning of the world, there was nothing but water. Terrible crimes and cruelties were committed by both sides, until god despaired and intervened. Vampire movies fans should know that stories about dead people, who haunt the live ones and suck their blood, were part of the Romanian folklore long before Bram Stokers Dracula became famous. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Some similar creatures drain their victims of psychic or sexual energy, health, or qi, also known as life essence. However, the dragon wolf mythology does not end here. When he came to his palace, he cried out, for it lay in ruins, overgrown with moss. Day Fifteen of the Folkloric Fauna of February. So if you have six kids, all one sex, call it there. But what to do with the difference in size? If people refuse to help them while they are in disguise, they bring hail and strong storms to ruin the crops. Here we are, arriving at the ubiquitous Zmeu (pronounced ). Not at all delightful. We cant imagine a better way to learn about it than through traveling so thats what were doing. Any man can become this bloodthirsty demon after death if they die under certain conditions. Ft-Frumos with his princess | illustration by Marina Plantus. In this video we will be looking at the most popular and famous mythical creature of each and every country. Yet she fell in love with one of them, the head of the Dacian Roman city of Turda (where my Mother was born His name was Robonban. Folk creations (the best known is the ballad Mioria) were the main literary genre until the 18th century. "While Reading Vasmer's Dictionary" In: Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, introducing citations to additional sources, Traditional Popular Civilisation ASTRA Museum, Youth Without Aging and Life Without Death, "Dragobete 's Day - Celebrating love in the Romanian style", De la tipologia folcloristului finlandez Antti Amatus Aarne la universul basmului romnesc vzut de etnologul Adolf Schullerus, n comparatiune cu legendele antice clasice i n legtur cu basmele popoarelor nvecinate i ale tuturor popoarelor romanice: studiu comparativ, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Folklore_of_Romania&oldid=1128627917, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from June 2010, All articles needing additional references, Articles needing additional references from September 2012, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2022, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, Hora miresei (translated as "Bride's Hora"). Rolandia is registered as tour operator at Ministry of Tourism in Romania. Different from balaur or vrcolac, the Zmeu has human features. In others, they are living beasts (not the undead), and happen as a result of a curse. Vampires in Romania: How Were These Legends Created? Jidovii are described in Romanian legends as kind and patient, walking with huge steps from one hill to another. [1]:12, Even after Christian imagery and symbolism became part of Romanian culture, Mother Earth is identified as the consort of God, the heavenly Father. The folklore of medieval Europe was a mixture of legends from various sources, such as ancient regional stories mixed with Judeo-Christian religious tales and myths from the Roman Empire and the Near East. But he asked those sitting next to him, and they said it was the best meal theyd ever enjoyed. It has similarities to many different legendary creatures, but most of all with the vampire and lycanthropes of the Slavic and Balkan region. One day, the peace ended, and a great war between humans and Uria was waged. In others, they are considered mortal vampires, and live an ordinary lifespan, simply with special powers, avoidance of sunlight, and a tendency to suck your blood. The creature himself appears as a beautiful young man. As the Norse Fenris, a varcolac may swallow the moon and the sun; it's thus responsible for eclipses. Yet the earth kept on growing to reach and protect Frtat, and thus Earth came to be. How to Reason with Scientists and Other Partially Rational Creatures Poate de aceea il asociez cu un monstru i am considerat c locul lui este in articolul de fa. "Trgtorii cu coarne aurite ntre cotidian i mitologie" [Golden Horn Plough Pulling Animals Between Everyday Life and Mythology]. What do you need today? This bizarre whale feeding technique may explain some ancient folklore. A very old and puzzling folklore piece is the beginning of one of the creation myths: "In the beginning of beginnings, before time and matter, there was a boundless ocean called Apa Smbetei. Customs related to certain times of year are the colinde - Romanian Christmas carols, sorcova on New Year's Eve or the Mrior custom on the 1st of March marking the spring. In 2010 the archeologist who put together the skeleton named it Balaur Bondoc, which means stocky dragon. This way, the traditional fairy tale character of the dragon-like-serpent-headed monster gets to live on. Seen as the Romanian version of Valentine's Day, Dragobete is celebrated on February 24th.Dragobete, personified as a young handsome man, is the protector of lovers in Romanian folk culture. Nefrtatul went forth, but he tried to call the clay in his own name so that he would be ruler over all. According to the tale of creation, God and the Devil are master and servant, the devil (Nefrtatul) being Gods foolish brother. The content of this website is under copyright Patricia Furstenberg (unless specified otherwise). Even in modern Romania, certain wolf attacks are attributed to Pricolici. Even more, from spooky legends to love rituals, Romanian culture has them all. Once upon a time, there was a great king and queen. ROMANIAN MYTHOLOGY and LEGENDARY CREATURES - little spy eye | Sep 28, 2018 | Legends and Myths, Romanian Folklore, Romanian Folklore Creatures. 10. What are some books on Romanian mythology/folklore? - Quora Some people claim to even have seen them, especially in the region of Bukovina. The queen was pregnant and in labour, but her son, still in the womb, cried and refused to come out. The Devil set forth and tried to bring it to the surface in his name instead, but could not succeed until he brought it up in the name of God. Absolutely fascinating Pat.. thanks for the amazing background and I love the explanation of Genesisxx, Cheering your visit, Sally Ft-Frumos is actually present in many Romanian folk tales. Thank you! There Wolf, There Castle. Werewolves in Romanian Folklore | by Erin Romanian mythology can be truly impressive, with tales of giants that protected the Earth, and powerful wizards that descended from Dacian High Priests. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Other. Yes, and it is not such a well known myth. Others think that they used to live alongside humans on the earth, but Moses, seeing his people oppressed by them, split the waters and, after he and his people had retreated to safety, poured the waters back onto them, sending them to their current abode. Romanian myths part of international culture. Un weekend frumos, Jo. Reading about Romanian Monsters of Myth and Folklore is a fun way of learning about a civilization strengthened by historical battles, enriched by its insight into the forces of nature, enchanting through its narratives. How to Reason with Scientists and Other Partially Rational Creatures. But its said that their burial mounds are filled with treasure, and can be found on Christmas Eve, Easter, and St. Georges Day, lit by magical fires. "Its a legend about a lady going around door to door selling keropok. Genesis the creation stories in Romanian folklore are numerous and varied, from its ancient, Indo-European roots with Brother and Non-brother, to a Christianization of the tale involving God and His perpetual antagonist, Satan. Despite the popularity of the vampire mythology, Romania holds her own myths and legends. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Tomas Bangs on LinkedIn: Ten Mythical Creatures in Ancient Folklore Despite this, many consider Ielele the protectresses of the forest. . As this piece of clay grew into the earth, God laid himself down to sleep. The princess spent every day alongside the empress at her sons bed, and quickly he was healed. Mythology & Fiction Explained - YouTube Because there is a long history of walking corpses and bloodsucking ghouls in folklore . We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. He is called Zburatorul, meaning The One Who Flies, a handsome airman tormenting the sleep of young girls and young wives. Known as the Powerful Ones, and The Holy Ones, as well as many other names, these feminine creatures hate to be watched. I also found a very cool alternative version to the creation myth here, which foregoes the Christianised God and Satan for a worm and a butterfly! 10 Legendary Monsters of Europe | Mental Floss Ft-Frumos grew up to be wise and quick-witted, a perfect prince to rule the kingdom. Nonetheless, Romanian history inspired him to come up with the name Count Dracula for the main character of the book. Once, in an old anonymous folk tale, Ft-Frumos even goes on a quest to gain immortality. Second, for a long time learned culture was governed by official and social commands and developed around courts of princes and boyars, as well as in monasteries. Their fate was even crueler with the girls recently married. The Romanian word appears to have meant "Dog-head" (cp being a form of cap, meaning "head", and cun a derivative of cine, "dog"). Folk creations (the best known is the ballad Mioria) were the main literary genre until the 18th century. The dances are lively and are practiced throughout Romania by a large number of professional and amateur groups, thus keeping the tradition alive; Hora is one of the most famous group dances but men's folk dances such as cluari are extremely complex and have been declared by UNESCO to be "Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritages of Humanity". Let's face it. A Cpcun is a creature in Romanian folklore, depicted as an ogre who kidnaps children or young ladies (mostly princesses). One day, Ft-Frumos found that he missed home, and could hardly remember what his life had been before his fairie revelries. They are described as anthropomorphic and short, sometimes having the head of a rat. Thats because the Romanian mythical monster with seven heads shares its name with a recently discovered species of dinosaurs. The Romanian folklore is a big happy family. Features RPG Yaga Folklore monsters, Romanian hip-hop, and a one-armed blacksmith star in this action RPG By Christopher Livingston last updated March 19, 2022 There are also light roguelike.