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It is shown in the director's cut of The Chronicles of Riddick after she lays her hand on Riddick's chest, leaving a glowing blue handprint, and says, "this mark carries the anger of an entire race but it's going to hurt". Universal Pictures decided to develop a sequel to Pitch Black after the success of The Fast and the Furious, another action film that starred Vin Diesel. Riddick, Jack, and Imam must fight their way through the army of human and alien creatures at her disposal or they will meet a fate crueler than death. Kyra When Riddick was mentally probed by the Quasi-Dead of the Necromongers, he not only resisted them, but also retaliated, the Quasi-Dead's containers actually exploding from the strain of trying to process Riddick. After the events of Pitch Black, Riddick left Jack behind on New Mecca in Imam's care. Except there wasnt any doctor that could shine my eyes, not even for twenty menthol Kools. Kyra! Her favorite game is "Who's the better killer".[2]. Richard B. Riddick: I bow to no man. Riddick was also surprised when he underestimated Jack's (Kyra's) affection toward him between Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick, only learning of it after she had become a mercenary and resident of a maximum-security prison in order to see him once again. Jack | Kyra/Richard B. Riddick - Works | Archive of Our Own In the end, Riddick was able to take advantage of the Lord Marshal's one weakness - the need to phase from one point to another, to drive a perfectly timed knife straight through his skull. This was all the more vivid because details of Riddicks past such as an operation that gave people the ability to see in the dark turned out to be false. Come to think of it, much, much less would have been best. [4] Five years later, Kyra is a convicted murderer and former mercenary when she reunites with Riddick. She's got the skills and the might necessary to run with the toughest mercs in the galaxy, and her team-up with Boss Johns is no coincidence. He became her role model. Within the canon of the series, Riddick is shown to have a vast number of skills, which include great mobility, stealth, killing abilities, survival in harsh conditions, prison-breaking, and piloting. Riddick allows himself to be captured so he can be transported to Crematoria, a prison on a dead world where daytime surface temperatures scorch the face of the planet. She tried to escape and killed several of them in the process. This page was last edited on 3 March 2023, at 20:12. Here Riddick is reunited with Jack, and learns she now goes by the name of Kyra. Alexa is, without a doubt, one of Hollywood's fastest rising young stars. He spent the majority of the film staying low-key, acting as backup support in case anything got hot. If I kill them first, not really. I was always with you. He's the holy Half-Dead who has seen the UnderVerse. It was there that Jack met Riddick, an infamous outlaw. I was. Riddick managed to escape the prison with Kyra and even began to rebuild their relationship, but this was interrupted when the Necromongers intercepted them. Kyra: Did that. "[11] Ann Hornaday of Washington Post gave the film a negative review and stated that "The Chronicles of Riddick doesn't hark back merely to the classic horror or science fiction canon but to nearly every single cinematic genre in the book, from westerns to film noir to sword-and-sandal epics. Perhaps even greater was his ability to resist the Lord Marshall's attempt to steal his soul. Are you with me, Kyra? For instance, the minor subplot in the Director's Cut of Riddick's visions, as well as his moments with Toombs's second in command, are both absent, but the ending from the Director's Cut is present. Her first kill was Antonia Chillingsworth, commander of the merc vessel Kublai Khan. Her disillusionment with the criminal lifestyle was completed when she found out that the operation Riddick had purportedly undergone to get his eyeshine didnt exist. Cute. The Chronicles of Riddick is a 2004 American science fiction action film written and directed by David Twohy. The guards reach the hangar, just as the prisoners arrive to find the Necromongers have cornered them there. Richard B. Riddick You gotta kill a few people. Kyra. [citation needed]. After a quintessentially bohemian childhood that found her straddling New York, Paris, Italy and Los Angeles (with a photographer father and actress mom), Alexa Davalos headed to Manhattan. The Rotten Tomatoes consensus says it "offers some thrills" but calls it "a disappointment". Vaako attempts to strike the wounded Lord Marshal, who uses his powers to evade the blow but is stopped by Riddick, who takes the opportunity and swiftly kills him. "[19] Nell Minow of Common Sense Media gave the film 2 out of 5 and termed it a "very violent, brainless explosion movie. But not her. He commanded the fearsome Necromongers in their galactic-wide campaign towards transcendence, and laid waste to countless worlds in the process. Riddick was among those presumably strangled, but he survived. A monster. He's equally capable as a fighter, though he seems to be much better at delegating and strategizing with his team, rather than throwing down. Riddick fights the Lord Marshal in front of his army, who keeps the upper hand with his supernatural powers. Aereon, an Air Elemental, identifies the army as the Necromongers, religious fanatics who seek to convert all human life and kill those who refuse. Five years later, Riddick has remained in hiding on an Arctic planet called U.V. During that time she befriends the criminal Richard B. Riddick, coming to admire him. Richard B. Riddick is one of the most notorious killers in the entire galaxy, and certainly one of the most dangerous men alive. Riddick is hunted and need to find a hideout off the grid for the night. Earth New Mecca Furya Unknown What is unique about Riddick? Riddick tells the steps, beginning with murder, something she says she's willing to do. She had a 700,000 UD bounty and was caught after leaving the Helion System for the Proxima System. This manifests itself in Riddick's decision to deliver both Jack and Abu al-Walid to New Mecca.[4]. Riddick uses the approaching storm to force the mercenaries to cooperate, but he is left surrounded by enemies and nearly killed. He's a tough nut to crack, and he leads one of the best merc teams in the galaxy, but he's also a calculated thinker. See also Release Dates | Official Sites | Company Credits | Filming & Production | Technical Specs One of few survivors, she finds herself drawn to the strange convict Riddick, his merc captor, and the scared girl masquerading as a boy.Tossed together by fate they form a bond strong enough to tie them together across the 'verse. 7:11 5.6M views 1 year ago 1:46:26. And Jayne really loves a good bar fight. Johns lived through the events of Pitch Black, and has caught up to Riddick again two and a half years later. Whether this is her real name or a nom de guerre is a mystery. I'd rather talk to you in a somewhat calmer setting. Enneagram: 9w8 sp/sx. Boss Johns is the father of the original Johns character from Pitch Black, though the two aren't exactly alike. Riddick was still alive. Five years after hed left Jack behind, Riddick came to Crematoria looking for her. Helper(s): The official Pitch Black website, the novelization of Chronicles of Riddick. "[14] Ty Burr of Boston Globe gave the film 2 out of 4 and called it "a hodgepodge of Lord of the Rings, Starship Troopers, and the more recent Star Wars films. The film received negative reviews. : Commander Shepard was dead until Cerberus brought her back to stop the Collectors. | Kyra Riddick was beaten down and about to receive the Lord Marshals deathblow when Kyra broke her conditioning long enough to stab the Lord Marshal in the back. At first, Diaz appeared to be nothing more than a strongman for Santana's merc outfit, but he didn't stay that way. Vin Diesel reprises his role as Richard B. Riddick and acts as producer, alongside Thandiwe Newton (credited as Thandie), Karl Urban, Alexa Davalos, Colm Feore, and Keith David. Kyra and Riddick ended up as a team once more, but with Kyra expressing heranger for Riddick abandoning her. Her big break arrived when producers selected her to play "Kyra", the heroine in the 2004 futuristic fantasy vehicle The Chronicles of Riddick (2004), starring Vin Diesel. Richard B. Riddick Years active The Xbox game The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay was released simultaneously with the film and was well-received. Collected Riddick-verse Imagines, backed up from flawedfictions @ tumblr. Technical Specs, [sneaks up behind Riddick and points a blade at his back]. "Who's the Better Killer?". Five years later a seventeen year old Jack goes by a new name, "Kyra". After he is finished receiving stitches, Joe tells him how to escape, and, perhaps coincidentally, warns Riddick not to "trust [his] eyes"; at that moment, a ghostly voice informs Riddick that he has "been blind for far too long" and that he is to receive a gift. A beast. She may lack the physical prowess necessary to tackle some of the more vicious melee fighters out there, such as Riddick or Diaz, but she makes up for it with grit. Fluffier than the tags make it sound, but please read the chapter notes! Spiritual Elements The Necromongers follow a dark religion in which Nirvana is the underverse. A mixture of lightning-fast combat skills, weapons proficiencies, and utter ruthlessness made Johns one of Riddick's most deadly foes. NEXT:Aliens - 10 Things That Make No Sense About The 1986 Sci-Fi Classic. How can he do both? Vaako just wanted to do good by his Lord Marshal. Richard B. Riddick was a notorious murderer and criminal who found himself marooned on a hostile planet with his mercenary captor, and a group full of travelers under siege by a terrifying alien species. She's a capable fighter, and an even better weapons expert, able to wield a range of different guns as if they were second nature. [points to Irgun] Vaako: A piece you will have. Meanwhile, Imam, learning that his own planet, Helion Prime, will be invaded by the twisted religious crusade of the Necromongers, recalls the story Riddick told him of his Furyan origins, and betrays Riddick's location to the Helion Prime leaders. Riddick was able to kill the wounded Lord Marshal and comforted Kyra in her last moments. Kyra always has some sort of bladed instrument hidden on her. Richard B. Riddick is one of the most notorious killers in the entire galaxy, and certainly one of the most dangerous men alive. Alexa Davalos (born May 28, 1982 in Paris, France) is an American actress. When she saves Riddick, her eyes return to their normal state. , . Sitting beside her Riddick lifted Kyra off the bed, her lifeless body little more than a ragdoll in his arms. Five years pass between Jack's arrival at New Mecca and her Incarceration at Crematoria. She is known by the guards as always having a shiv on her somewhere. The best Kyra and Riddick scene - YouTube Homepage hero illustration: Guillaume Martinez. It grossed $57 million in North America, and its total worldwide gross stands between $107 million[2] and $115 million. Was there anything you said that was true? His only weakness (other than light sensitivity, leaving him in pain when in daylight without his goggles), as stated in the Pitch Black DVD, is his soft spot for children and anyone who really grows on him (those people become his friends), which resulted in his capture by the bounty hunter Johns (Cole Hauser). "[16] Paul Clinton of CNN gave the film a negative review and called it "a big, cheesy sci-fi flick tailor-made for a young male audience looking for things that go boom. Intrigued, the Necromongers' leader, the Lord Marshal, orders Riddick be scanned by the Quasi-Dead, half-dead telepaths, who determine that he is indeed a Furyan survivor. Riddick & Kyra - The Gift - YouTube Riddick and Jack teamed up and made it off planet with the other survivors, minus one pesky merc. Lord Marshal Zhylaw is dead, but his downfall brings unexpected consequences for Jack and Riddick. He's also capable of giving off a non-threatening aura, particularly if he wants opponents to think they have the upper hand. Riddick (character) - Wikipedia Kyra eventually became a criminal, convicted of four counts of manslaughter and three of first degree murder. In the Chronicles of Riddick film, Jack/Kyra angrily tells Riddick that when she was sent to prison, she found out that it is impossible to find anyone who can perform a "surgical shine job" at any price and accuses him of lying about how he received his night vision. She was also very defensive, keeping emotional walls up as a necessity of survival in prison. : "[8] Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly gave the film a score of 'C' and called the film a "mostly a ponderous chronicle. Plus, it was fun to watch Vaako get all angry and annoyed. In the prison, Riddick finds Jack, now named Kyra, and they reconcile with each other. Riddick: You gotta kill a few people. The Chronicles of Riddick - Wikiquote Riddick can also kill efficiently without using a weapon. 2004 American science fiction film directed by David Twohy, The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, "The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) - Financial Information", "Helmer Twohy swings on U, Radar's 'Pitch', " - Overblown, overdone 'Riddick': Wish it was just over", "Even Vin Diesel can't toughen up flabby 'Riddick', "The Chronicles of Riddick Review- Washington Post", "The Chronicles of Riddick review- Washington Post", "The Chronicles of Riddick movie review (2004) | Roger Ebert", " - Review: 'Riddick' big, boomy, bad - Jun 11, 2004", "BBC - Films - The Chronicles Of Riddick", "The Chronicles of Riddick - Movie Review", "Movie Review: The Chronicles of Riddick", "The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay - Developer's Cut", "Riddick runs with 1.5 million in day 1 sales",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2018, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2009, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0. In one case, Riddick concluded that the prized dagger of a Necromonger was "a half gram too heavy on the back end" after an inspection lasting all of a couple of seconds, although the tone of voice in which he delivered this appraisal suggested pre-fight bravado rather than abstract fact. The Ultimate Riddick Trilogy Quiz! | Zoo Bulgladon Correctional Facility, a prison located on a mostly water planet. A sequel was released in 2013 called Riddick. [2], When they first meet again they have a nostalgic conversation. Riddick and Kyra escape to the planet's sun-ravaged surface, where Riddick, helped by Necromonger warrior Vaako (Karl Urban) and his sexy wife Dame Vaako (Thandie Newton), sets out to defeat the Lord Marshal and save the universe from his rule and save the rest of humanity from being converted into Nercomonger warriors. #TheChroniclesofRiddick Did Kyra love Riddick as: --A big brother or --A father figure or --A lover Because their whole relationship in this movie is really confusing. Kyra If Riddick was forced to play Lord Marshal to a group of undead freaks, then fuck it. [2], Twelve year old Jacky (it is unknown whether this was her real name or an alias) ran away from her home on Taurus 1, stowing away on the New Oslo Shipping Corporation transport Hunter Gratzner. She likes to hide a razor in her mouth which she uses to cut Riddick on his left cheek (dubbed, the Kyra Kiss). Kyra would have been the main character and the series presumably would have covered the events during the five years between Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick.[5]. Kyra By the end of the film, however, he became the biggest threat on the planet next to Riddick and the Mud Demons. Lord Marshal orders Riddick's death, but Riddick escapes only to be recaptured by Toombs. When it appears that Riddick is about to be killed, Kyra stabs the Lord Marshal in the back with a spear and he punches her into a column of spikes, mortally wounding her. Directed and written by David Twohy. When she was sold to slavers and then ended up in prison and found out about the unglamorous truths of life as an outlaw she felt betrayed. Riddick soonrealizes that Jack is actually a female and she has begun her menstrual cycle, giving the Bioraptors a blood scent by which to track them. It follows the adventures of Riddick as he attempts to elude capture and face an invading empire. DT2ComicsChat on Twitter: "#TheChroniclesofRiddick Did Kyra love Kyras reunion with Riddick was very contentious at first. She wore loose clothing that allowed her to more easily conceal the blades she always had on her person. She dies in his arms. UI designer : Chronicles of Riddick: LOST Chapter 1, a pitch black / riddick fanfic Riddick infiltrates the main hall on the Necromongers' flagship, where Dame Vaako sees him but encourages her husband not to warn the Lord Marshal and to let Riddick strike first and pave the way for Vaako to kill the Lord Marshal and take his place as leader. She enjoyed playing "who's the better killer" with Riddick, and she backed it up with strong fighting skills, a high degree of agility, and cunning tactics, such as hiding a razor bleed in her cheek for up-close attacks. After either receiving a shot from Vaako's energy handgun or a fraction of a second before the discharge of said weapon, she immediately emits a large blast of blue energy from Riddick (or Riddick himself does so with her guidance), leaving the group of surrounding Necromongers dead. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con, Underage, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (109), Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies) (26), Richard B. Riddick/Original Female Character (26), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (18), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Richard B. Riddick/Original Female Character, Richard B. Riddick/Dame Vaako/Vaako (Riddick), Oliver Banks/Jonathan "Jon" Sims | The Archivist, Jack | Kyra & Jonathan "Jon" Sims | The Archivist, Vaako (Riddick) & Jonathan "Jon" Sims | The Archivist, Eldritch Jonathan "Jon" Sims | The Archivist, Canon-Typical The End Content (The Magnus Archives), Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies), Richard B. Riddick/Khan Noonien Singh | John Harrison, Richard B. Riddick/Vaako/Original Female Character(s), Vaako (Riddick)/Original Female Character(s), The Left Hand of Darkness - Ursula K. Le Guin, Not quite a songfic but some lines might be familiar, Refers to past sexual encounters but no details, Original Male Character/Original Male Character, Alternate Universe - Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies, Riddick has some growth to do before we get there. Kyra was introduced as an awkward kid in the first Pitch Black film, but she blossomed by the time the second film came out. The Chronicles of Riddick UnderVerse Chapter 1: A Way To Save Her, a The Chronicles of Riddick - Wikipedia Little is known about Riddick's childhood, save that he had no formal education and seemed to have been in trouble with the law from an early age. When Kyra went under the alias "Jack", she was originally thought to be a twelve year old boy. I'd take my wounded and go. Still, the two reached the beginning of an unspoken reconciliation as they worked together to escape Crematoria. Kyra: where they tell you youll never see daylight again. Riddick is her first recruitment stop, and she has another dossier he'll find very interesting. Alyna Leone has always been a little wild, relying on her heightened senses, reflexes and natural instincts to survive. He is one of the final players available on the Convicts team and has the highest amount of strength and aggression of all recruitable Convict players, although he has the equal-lowest teamplay rating in the game. Did a lot of that. Richard B. Riddick, more commonly known as Riddick, is a fictional character and the antiheroic protagonist of the Chronicles of Riddick series, including the animated short movie Dark Fury and the video games Escape from Butcher Bay and Assault on Dark Athena. In a series centered on powerful rulers, mercenaries, and murderers, who in the Riddick franchise has the most power? tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, A man. After Riddick kills The Lord Marshall he turns to the mortally wounded Kyra. Finally, he orchestrated a plan to return Riddick to his home planet Furya, in exchange for the Necromongers. While Jack has been happy to have a home for the last five years after her time in foster care and living on the street as a runaway, New Mecca is extremely strict and women are little more than property. Language: English Words: 908 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 2 Kudos: 56 Bookmarks: 4 Hits: 1554 Richard B. Riddick Original Female Character (s) Alpha/Omega Furyan Forced Bonding Bonding Loss of Virginity Love Older Man/Younger Woman Angst Kidnapping A man. In the ensuing battle, Riddick was left for dead and Kyra went with the Necromongers rather than face the lethal Crematoria sunrise. The surgery made his eyes more sensitive to normal light, requiring him to wear welding goggles to protect them (although he has also been shown without the goggles in a regularly illuminated room). Riddick: You gotta kill a few people. In Riddick, he appeared pleasantly surprised to learn that Johns' father was a better man than his son, complimenting Johns' nerve when he came back to help Riddick when he didn't have to. It was never enough, and Vaako kept hoping multiple assassination plots against Riddick would one day work. Remember that favorite game of yours? It was how most people described him. And even when an undead army looms, and Necromonger Commander Vaako joins their number, becoming another addition to Riddick and Alyna's mate bond, the promise of Family and Home forge bonds that cannot be broken. The Emperor has returned.A new Lord Marshal emerges from the Threshold.Fallen Empires will rise again. Riddick & Kyra - The Gift 50,401 views Nov 15, 2007 195 Dislike Share Save cherrylane79 1.97K subscribers TCOR, Riddick & Kyra and their relationship. [3], When they finally get to the escape ship, the only survivors are Riddick, Abu al-Walid, and Jack. The best Kyra and Riddick scene 844,673 views Mar 29, 2014 2K Dislike Share Save Nicole Holmes 1.14K subscribers My favorite scene of Riddick and Kyra together from 2004's The Chronicles of. In the end, Kyra still cared enough about Riddick to break the Necromongers conversion for a moment and save his life at the price of her own. Was there *anything* you said that was true?, Jack is dead. Richard B. Riddick When they're reunited on Crematoria she tells Riddick briefly about what has happened to her during the five years since they last spoke. Davalos next took on a prominent role as "Samantha" on the high-concept mystery-period series " Reunion " (2005). Imam Abu al-Walid (High), and she would have a High Connection to Riddick if she had a reliable means of contacting him. [2], Before the Lord Marshal can deliver the final blow, Kyra stabs him in the back with a spear; she is apparently coherent enough to realize Riddick is in great danger. [3] Universal hired David Hayter to come up with a script, which was later revised by Akiva Goldsman. Maybe I do. Richard B. Riddick : [to Aereon] Sister, they don't know what to do with just one of me. Despite his Human origin in Pitch Black, in subsequent sequels his race was changed to Furyan, a warrior race of adapted humans obliterated by a military campaign that left his home planet of Furya desolate and is one of the last of his kind.