Customer-Centric Research Methods for Marketing. Prerequisite(s): ENGW1111 with a minimum grade of C or ENGW1102 with a minimum grade of C or ENGL 1111 with a minimum grade of C or ENGL 1101 with a minimum grade of C, COMM4535. B2B and Strategic Sales. Examines literature related to crisis communicationincluding theories, models, and strategiesand establishes ethical principles in terms of what, how, and when essential elements must be employed for effective and ethical crisis communication. Boston, MA. Focuses on several methods for critically researching visuals and applies these methods to examine and discuss several kinds of visuals, including photography, film/television, advertisements, arts, and urban spaces. (4 Hours). (4 Hours). The Associate Director of Marketing and Communications works closely with other units in the Chancellor's Office and throughout the university, such as External Affairs and Enrollment Management . Analyzes the AI strategies implemented or attempted by these companies to understand drivers of success and identify future opportunities. Attribute(s): NUpath Analyzing/Using Data, COMM2303. MKTG6286. TTY 617.373.3768 Rhetoric of Fascism. COMM6320. Offers students an opportunity to complete a semester-long, intensive research and writing capstone project related to the field of strategic communication. Offers students the opportunity to participate in the process of conflict assessment and to explore various negotiation strategies as well as discuss the role of forgiveness in conflict situations. Applies practical skills relative to theories about collaboration and cultural production and engagement with and analyses of online cultures. Opens New Window. Seeks to further develop an understanding of the function of communication in life and how that relates to quality of life. Investigates the role of the producer in the production of content for traditional and new media venues. Opens New Window c.zangerl [@] Offers an opportunity to conduct introductory-level research or creative endeavors under faculty supervision. Analyzes the ways in which sexualities intersect with issues relating to interpersonal communication, mediated communication, popular culture, identity, and social movements. Over the years, we've pushed the envelope to find new and improved ways to connect with consumers. Assesses responses to crises using ethical principles such as transparency, two-way symmetrical communication, and timing. The Senior Marketing Manager will be responsible for managing a portfolio of work within the University marketing team from inception to delivery. 617.373.2000 Covers business-to-business marketing and the key roles of managing relationships with large buyers, going to market, and the sales organization. For general inquiries, please contact our main office: 716 Columbus Avenue Suite 598 Boston, MA 02120 617.373.5718 City and Community Engagement For general inquiries regarding partnerships, events, and volunteer opportunities: 617.373.7666 email Communications For inquiries regarding media, public relations, news, and policies: 12,000 s/f Marketing and Communications Department open work space on 5 th floor at Northeastern Crossing. We are a creative, multicultural community, and we understand that each individual builds a very personal path to success. Friday, March 24, 20237:00 pm10:00 pmINV 019 - Immersive Media Lab. (4 Hours). Analyzes the ways that visual materials impact our daily lives using readings, examples, and discussion. Explores historical, technical, and theoretical aspects of special effects. Offers students an opportunity to become effective online communicatorsusing practical exercises such as email filtering, online collaboration, and writing in a Web markup formatand to make use of critical thinking to understand and engage with issues such as online privacy, gender and racial bias, and marketplace credibility and fraud. Analyzes case studies and teaches how to improve the quality of communication in an organization. Introduces students to interviewing through the application of communication theory. The PDF will include all information unique to this page. It combines world-class academics with professional practice, allowing you to acquire relevant, real-world skills you can immediately put into action in your current workplace. MKTG4720. (4 Hours). (3 Hours). Studies the importance of customer insights to business success. COMM2725. Introduces students to the lens of performance studies, the world of sports, and the intersection of the two in the field of communication studies. (1-4 Hours), COMM4994. Digital Marketing. Political Communication. Provides students with an opportunity to better understand freedom and limits to freedom, particularly in the realm of speech and expression. Online Communities. Through a series of discussions, screenings, homework, and in-class exercises, offers students an opportunity to obtain skills in the basics of directing creative and technical talent and the skills needed to produce successful television studio productions. Boston, MA 02115. Marketing Technology Management. Communication and Gender. Global and Intercultural Communication. COMM2534. Begins with an understanding of why and how firms, institutions, and organizations purchase products and services and the importance of the multifunctional buying center. Combines the process of filmmaking with exploring Britains multicultural society, offering students an opportunity to obtain firsthand experience to develop a deeper, more complex understanding of the culture, particularly as it is evident in London. Driving Marketing Performance: Measure, Analyze, Profit. Analyzing Conversations in Everyday Life. Does not count as credit for business majors. COMM3615. Provides an overview of the new-product-development process, with an emphasis on customer involvement in this process. Having conversations with others is among the things that humans do most. Examines business issues associated with the entertainment industry. (3 Hours). Seeks to teach students to be more astute receivers and producers of persuasive messages by learning how to dissect them. Explore Our Degrees Gather Here. Northeastern University Learn how to manage the integrity of a brand across all marketing activities and communication channels. The College Success Manager plans marketing strategy and tactics, collaborates with partners across the university, consults data, and navigates departmental and university processes. MKTG4120. COMM3500. The Politeness BiasShun-Yang Lee, Rui, H., Whinston, A.MIS Quarterly2019, Joint Impact of Ethical Climate and External Work Locus of Control on Job MeaningfulnessJay Mulki, Felicia LasskJournal of Business Research2019, Social Media's Impact on the Consumer Mindset: When to Use Which Sentiment Extraction Tool?Koen PauwelsJournal of Interactive Marketing2019, The Impact of Adding Online-to-Offline Channels on Firm's Offline and Total RevenuesKoen PauwelsJournal of Interactive Marketing2019, Big and lean is beautiful: A conceptual framework for data-based learning in marketing managementKoen PauwelsReview of Marketing Research2019, The Cannabis Industry: A Natural Laboratory for Marketing Strategy ResearchOlsen, M., Keith SmithMarketing Letters2019, Does Changing Defaults Save Lives? MBA x: Interdisciplinary concentrations made up of graduate level coursework in highly relevant fields offered through partnerships with other Northeastern colleges. Marketing research helps businesses know their customers and aids in business decision making. Further internship details are available in the department office. Prerequisite(s): COMM2301 with a minimum grade of D-, Attribute(s): NUpath Analyzing/Using Data, NUpath Capstone Experience, COMM4530. Health Communication. (4 Hours). Also studies the impact of mass communication on the outcome of elections. Building on previous course work, students have an opportunity to gain a deeper scholarly and professional understanding of strategic communication; cultivate professional and academic contacts; and demonstrate mastery of relevant theoretical concepts, professional principles, research methods, and writing approaches. Emphasizes the importance of being able to negotiate cultural differences and of understanding intercultural contact in societies and institutions. Offers students an opportunity to develop their own media products to put their learning into real-world context. Offers students an opportunity to learn to use computational tools to gather and analyze network data, derive data-supported insights, and develop effective network interventions. Presents a variety of methods for interview preparation. Examines why people are essential to success, why expectations are important to consumers, and how physical and virtual environments influence delivery of value to customers. COMM2510. Special Topics in Communication Studies. COMM3330. We empower individuals to become socially responsible global citizens by creating and sustaining a culture of learning and discovery. Often includes meetings with foreign professors, government officials, community organizers, and local artists that have shaped their own country in unique and innovative ways. Covers fundamentals such as audience, speech objectives and structure, and effective delivery. COMM2650. Explores demographic, lifestyle, social, and cultural trends and their impact on consumer attitudes, motivations, and behavior. Customer Performance Modeling. Students learn the fundamentals of communication theory and practice, and develop a distinct area of emphasis, such as argumentation and advocacy, organizational and health communication, international and intercultural communication, or digital communication and social media. Engages students in the discovery of varied and culturally diverse texts in the literary genres of poetry, prose, and drama. The PDF will include all information unique to this page. (4 Hours). (4 Hours). Boston, MA. Introduces the fundamental principles of communication law and ethics. Topics include integrative learning, the field of communication, pathways and careers in communication, and the professional communicator. Introduces those aspects of marketing that are unique to international business within the framework of traditional functional areas of marketing. Consumer Behavior. Our core courses in information development, usability, and narrative structure provide a baseline for developing, marketing, and managing content-rich experiences. General questions . Offers students an opportunity to engage with a specific genre, using historical and critical methods, to better understand this reciprocal relationship between a people and their moment. Introduces students to the multifaceted responsibilities of a brand manager, including understanding market trends and the competitive landscape; developing the brand story; conducting and analyzing consumer research to identify brand opportunities; creating and maintaining a brand budget; establishing and implementing cross-platform brand communication strategy; measuring brand performance; and executing marketing and advertising campaigns. Confronts students with some of the catastrophic results of fascist rhetoric and politics (the Krakow Ghetto and Auschwitz concentration camp). Creating Business Value with Data and AI Technologies. 'Theory' is used in the holistic sense as the interested observation and careful scrutiny of an object. Closest T stops: . Analyzes the ways in which power and memory have been deployed and challenged through various rhetorical textsincluding memorials, mass media, performance, and art, among othersin a seminar format. COMM3451. Northeastern University. 2022-23 College of Professional Studies Undergraduate PDF, College of Professional Studies Undergraduate, Arts Administration and Cultural Entrepreneurship (AACE), Cardiopulmonary and Exercise Science (EXSC), Civil and Environmental Engineering (CIVE), Co-op/Experiential Education in Arts, Media, and Design (EEAM), Co-op/Experiential Education in Business (EEBA), Co-op/Experiential Education in Science (EESC), Co-op/Experiential Education in Social Sciences and Humanities (EESH), Commerce and Economic Development - CPS (CED), Communication Studies - CPS Specialty (CMMN), Computer Engineering Technology - CPS (CET), Counseling and Applied Educational Psychology (CAEP), Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology (EEMB), Electrical and Computer Engineering (EECE), Electrical Engineering Technology - CPS (EET), English as a Second Language - CPS Specialty (ESLG), General Engineering Technology - CPS (GET), Geographic Information Systems - CPS (GIS), Health Science - Interdisciplinary (HLTH), Interdisciplinary Studies - Office of the Provost (INPR), Interdisciplinary Studies in Arts, Media, and Design (INAM), Interdisciplinary Studies in Science (INSC), Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities (INSH), Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS), Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MEIE), Mechanical Engineering Technology - CPS (MET), Political Science - CPS Specialty (PLSC), Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology (SLPA), Strategic Intelligence and Analysis - CPS (SIA), Study Abroad - Social Sciences and Humanities (ABRH), Womens, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WMNS), 360 Huntington Ave., Boston, Massachusetts 02115. Challenges students to consider privacy as a legal, technical, socioeconomic, and cultural artifact. Creating and Sustaining Customer Markets. Culminates in a final project, in which small groups of students complete an episodic show that will be judged by a panel of professional television writers. (4 Hours). Prerequisite(s): MKTG3401 (may be taken concurrently) with a minimum grade of D- or MKTG3402 with a minimum grade of D-. Focuses on developing a creative advertising strategy and brand plan that aligns with a companys overall marketing objectives. Jennifer Zehnder | Director of Communications and Marketing. Focuses on the environment and the modifications of marketing concepts and practices necessitated by environmental differences. Sport and Spectacle. May be repeated without limit. Analyzes the impact of cultural, social, political, and economic factors on marketing strategies. Examines the communicative experiences of organizations and relationships using both theoretical approaches and practical experience. (4 Hours). Covers the role of marketing in business and society. Public Relations Principles. New methods of data collection and analysis have the potential to revolutionize the way that businesses are organized and run. People. Students participate in activities designed to develop knowledge and skills necessary to successfully analyze and address ethical and interpersonal communication issues. Offers students an opportunity to learn about some of the communicative challenges people face in starting, maintaining, and terminating close relationships. Protect The Pack Placing Our Experts In Premier Media Outlets. (4 Hours). Special Topics in Marketing. Mobile Communication. 2022-2023 Northeastern University (4 Hours). Offers an in-depth look at the consumer decision process as a model to guide the planning and evaluation of marketing strategies. Prerequisite(s): (ENGL 1111 with a minimum grade of C or ENGW1111 with a minimum grade of C or ENGL 1102 with a minimum grade of C or ENGW1102 with a minimum grade of C ); (COMM1210 with a minimum grade of D- or COMM1225 with a minimum grade of D- or COMM1231 with a minimum grade of D- or COMM1255 with a minimum grade of D- or COMM 1310 with a minimum grade of D- or COMM1331 with a minimum grade of D- or COMM1412 with a minimum grade of D- ), COMM3414. This practice-oriented course focuses on active skill building and tool development that is quickly and directly applicable to students future careers. Vice President for Marketing & Communications Jack Martin 206-616-2334. Offers students an opportunity to practice real interviewing both as an interviewee and an interviewer. Rhetoric and Justice. Through partnerships with University Advancement, Alumni Relations, and Global Experience networks and marketing functions, this committee aims to: . Digital Editing for TV. Television Studio Production. Attribute(s): NUpath Ethical Reasoning, NUpath Interpreting Culture, COMM1412. Attribute(s): NUpath Difference/Diversity, NUpath Writing Intensive, COMM3306. International Communication Abroad. Students apply course concepts to develop a creative advertising strategy to address campaign objectives. (4 Hours). Emphasizes the differences and similarities between writing content for streaming vs. broadcasting. Recognized as leaders in the field of marketing, our distinguished faculty serve in a number of key editorial positions on academic journals, university presses and other scholarly outlets. Offers an in-depth look at how persuasive health campaigns are designed and executed. Communication and Inclusion. Companies need to create, develop, and market new products and services continually to compete effectively in a rapidly changing environment. As part of the course, students are expected to prepare a detailed plan of study and are introduced to the co-op program and meet their academic co-op advisor. Designed to teach students how to conceive, pitch, write an outline, and complete a script for a cutting-edge half-hour comedy pilot or drama that might appear on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and other emerging, nonlinear networks. Explores consumer-based perspectives to highlight potential biases and discrimination arising in the platform economy. Offers students an opportunity to apply what they learn in the course to their personal and professional lives. Full-Time. (4 Hours). Examples may include augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, internet of things, real-time interactivity, geolocation tools, wearables, dynamic content personalization, automation, social media, chatbots, voice assistants, and artificial intelligence. Examines the key drivers and building blocks of digital business transformations underlying the best marketing practices of the platform economy and discusses how companies can successfully take advantage of emerging multisided platforms and market-driven network externalities. (4 Hours). COMM1255. Designed to prepare students for careers that demand an understanding of the intersection between the growing data-driven and technology-enabled possibilities and various ways in which they can be creatively leveraged for designing better digital products and markets. Dating apps are more specific and numerous than ever. Offers students an opportunity to deepen their abilities to think critically about texts in a variety of forms such as orations, advertisements, music, and art. Northeastern University. In the digital domain, our faculty seek to answer questions such as how digital products, social media, and online environments impact purchase, consumption, and product innovation; how consumers and firms respond to new digital technologies, digital communications and digital business models; how marketing actions affect online consumer behavior MKTG6283. COMM2451. Designed to stimulate the moral imagination, reveal ethical issues inherent in communication, and provide resources for making and defending choices on ethical grounds. our expertise Highlights An Award-winning Campaign. COMM2800. Consumer Behavior. (4 Hours). Brian Manley | Assistant Director of Digital Platforms and Marketing. Crisis Communication and Image Management. Special Effects and Postproduction for Television. (4 Hours). MKTG6318. He will start on Aug. 29 and will report directly to President Gloria J. Gibson, as well as sit on the President's Cabinet. This position is. MKTG6218. Engages students in multiple aspects of a research project: literature review; theory development; hypothesis generation; research design; data analysis and visualization; and developing insights for managers, researchers, and policy. Introduction to Marketing. Rapidly emerging new digital ecosystems, platforms, products, and services have been fundamentally transforming business practices and market landscapes in almost every industry. Surveys the communication process in complex organizations. 617.373.8900 Develops frameworks and conceptual tools for understanding the world of sports marketing and promotion in an increasingly global and interconnected world. Integrates into this analysis how different institutions and interpersonal situations affect our understanding of gender roles. Explains the process of generating feasible, interesting, and managerially relevant research ideas. (4 Hours). COMM6605. Marketing stimulates different electronic word-of-mouth content to drive online and offline performanceKoen Pauwels, Zeynep Aksehirli, Lackman, A.International Journal of Research in Marketing2016, Demonstrating the Value of MarketingHanssens, D. M., Koen PauwelsJournal of Marketing2016, The effectiveness of different forms of online advertising for purchase conversion in a multiple-channel attribution frameworkde Haan, E., Wiesel, T., Koen PauwelsInternational Journal of Research in Marketing2016, No Comment?! The world economy is dominated by services; in the United States, a large percentage of the labor force and the GDP is accounted for by services. The PDF will include all information unique to this page. (4 Hours). Communications Specialist. The chart below is just one example of a four year plan at CAMD. MKTG6294. (4 Hours). COMM3230. Organizational Communication. Northeastern's signature experience-powered learning model has been at the heart of the university for more than a century. Impact of Presumed Consent Policies for Organ DonationMary Steffel, Williams, E.F., Tannenbaum, D.Behavioral Public Policy2019, Survey Research Best Practices: Evidence From Top Marketing JournalsHull, J., Baugartner, H., Keith SmithJournal of the Academy of Marketing Science2018, Perspective-taking Doesn't Help You Understand What Others WantEyal,T.,Mary Steffel, Epley, N.Harvard Business Review 2018, Where in the World are Consumers More Sensitive to Price and Ratings?Koen PauwelsJournal of Interactive Marketing2018, Sales Scholarship: Honoring the Past and Defining the FutureFlaherty, K., Felicia Lassk, L., N., Marshall, G.W., Moncrief, W., Jay Mulki, Pullins, E.Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management2018, Social Strategy as a Means to Gain Knowledge for InnovationCandi, M., Roberts, D., Tucker Marion, Gloria BarczakBritish Journal of Management2018, Tailored Cheap Talk: The Effects of Privacy Policy On Ad Content and Market OutcomesGardete, P., Yakov BartMarketing Science2018, Temporal Myopia in Sustainable Behavior When Facing Uncertaintyvan der Wal, A., van Horen, F., Amir GrinsteinInternational Journal of Research in Marketing2018, Battle of the Brand Fans: Impact of Brand Attack and Defense on Social MediaKoen Pauwels, Ilhan, B. E., Kubler, R.Journal of Interactive Marketing2018, Local Market Characteristics and Online-to-Offline Commerce: An Empirical Analysis of GrouponLi, H., Shen, Q., Yakov BartManagement Science2018, Carbon InnumeracyAmir Grinstein, Evan, K., Chen, S., Seth, S., Ory, Z.PLOS One2018, Improving Consumer Mind-Set Metrics and Shareholder Value through Social Media: The Different Roles of Owned and EarnedColicev, A., Malshe, A. MKTG4504. Explores the latest trends in technology and new media, their effect on marketing goods and services, and how to deliver value to the customer using the latest technological innovations. (4 Hours). Assesses responses to crises using ethical principles such as transparency (the what element), two-way symmetrical communication (the how element), and timing (the when element). Focuses on the marketing process through the use of case studies simulating actual business settings and marketing challenges.