Adelphi University. This is a new policy for this admissions cycle and will be true for preferences of any of our five enrollment options: ED applicants will not be committed to an enrollment program if they are admitted into a program that was not their preferencea non-binding decision would be issued. Northeastern University has a long-standing commitment to the city of Boston, including Boston Public High School students and graduates. If you plan on joining the 90,000+ Husky hopefuls for the next admissions cycle, you should know the following: CT Advice: With only one essay to complete for Northeastern, applicants need to channel their efforts into the Common App essay of their choice. April 1. This Boston-based private university was founded back in 1898 and one hundred years later, U.S. News ranked NU as the 162nd best school in the country. Last year, Northeastern admitted 550 of the 1,478 applicants who applied early decision. Counselor RecommendationandTeacher Evaluation, Code: 3667) Northeastern will accept either the in-person version completed in a test center, or the TOEFL iBT Home Edition, Transcripts and Self-Reported Academic Record, Declaration and Certification of Finances (DCF), School Counselor and Teacher Recommendations. no more than 2 years old by the application deadline) and official (i.e. I'm trying my best to brace myself. Deferral can also be a choice on the students part if they are granted acceptance. Examples include your High School Diploma, International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Levels (A-Levels), Attestat o Srednem Obshchem Obrazovanii, Baccalaurat, Bachillerato, General Secondary Education Certificate, Indian Standard XII Higher Secondary School Certificate, or West African Senior School Certificate. Northeastern University's acceptance rate is low, but your chances of admission depend on your profile strength. College Gazette is a trusted source on higher education in the US. Here's our latest list of reported early decision and early action admission rates for the Class of 2026. Below you will find the ED acceptance rates and regular decision acceptance rates for some of the most prestigious schools in the United States. Begin your journey to Northeastern here. All students, regardless of citizenship must demonstrate English language proficiency when applying to Northeastern. Northeastern 2025 incoming class Acceptance Rate. Final decisions will be released on February 15th. 360 Huntington Ave. An early decision applicant applies ED because they want to go to this institution over any other place. Have a question? Please remember to follow the rules of posting within megathreads, which can be found in the main megathread post linked below. You submit, along with your application, official test results directly from the testing agency for one of the following English language proficiency tests: If you are a U.S. Citizen, U.S. With Northeastern growing more competitive each year, you will likely need to possess stellar SAT scores, near-perfect grades, and earn a place in the top 10% of your high school class. The application process begins with completing either the Common Application or the Coalition Application. This is why applying early decision, which is binding, can be a strategic advantage for applicants. Is that 4 years in London or 3 in London and one in Boston for a dual degree? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 2022 early decision and early action deadlines are coming up! Not sure if that would be stackable however or if it would replace either of these FA offerings. In addition to the university's signature cooperative education program, experiential opportunities include research, service, global study, and clubs and activities. They also receive admission notification earlier than regular decision applicants. Veterans or active duty military should submit either their Joint Services Transcript (JST), or a transcript from the Community College of the Air Force. For additional information, continue reading or please visit the, If yes, send officially or self-report them through your, Application fee waiver requests (being sent separately from the application), Recommendations (if not submitted online). Transcripts should include any final grades from grades 9, 10, and 11; first trimester or first semester grades should be sent when they become available. Schools dont waitlist during the early cycles to my knowledge. 2021 Early Action/Early Decision Discussion + Results Megathreads. Is that ok? Any transcripts sent by you, your family or an independent educational consultant will not be accepted. If they receive an acceptance, they have to withdraw their . Beginning sophomore year, full-time students are eligible to buy parking passes online on a semester basis. Are there scholarships students need to apply for? You can satisfy the requirement in the following ways: You should review the information found below if: You will find application information under Applying, enrollment information under Admitted Students, and additional details about services available for students, under Support. An overwhelming 71% of Class of 2025 members finished in the top decile of their high school class; 93% placed in the top quartile. International students are eligible for merit scholarships which range from $10,000 to $28,000 per year. These include NU Bound and NU Immerse. Locked post. Before enrolling at the university, all applicants for early admission must have completed all . Instead, you are encouraged to submit your first semester or first trimester grades once they become available, and your mid-year grades if you applied for Regular Decision or were deferred to Regular Decision from an earlier round. The states with the strongest undergraduate representation are: Looking at ethnic identity, the breakdown of students was as follows: Lets now take a college-by-college look at where/what current undergraduates are studying: Northeasterns yield rate the percentage of accepted students who elect to enroll, divided by the total number of students who are admitted was 33% last year, much higher than in previous years. A common misconception is that the waitlist is ranked and those at the top of the waitlist will have higher chances. 3.98uw gpa,1600SAT many ECs and leadership. You are welcome to contact us at or 617.373.2395. In 2000, the average incoming SAT was 1157; today it is 1484. Please note: All first-year applicants who will graduate from a high school which is located outside of the United States will also be required to submit the Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR). Application Processing Center Admissions officers review applicants' high school academic records, GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and . The $75 application fee that is required can be paid or waived through either of these applications. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. An example of this process can be found through the website College Board. Box 8210 Early decision acceptance notices have just gone out from many highly rejective they prefer "selective" colleges, which means a lot of families are now trying to figure . Dartmouth University admitted 21% of early applicants; Duke University admitted 16.7% of early applicants; Harvard University admitted 7.4% of early applicants If we look at Georgetown, only 10% of early decision applicants were accepted, with over 89% being deferred. Visit our Deadlines and Decisions page for details on each deadline. From an earlier post, it looks like you can request to transfer from Oakland after one year if the Oakland campus does not have your major or after two years if the Oakland campus does have your major. Do I need to take a TOEFL if I have lived in the U.S. for a number of years? Northeastern University and the City of Boston pamphlet, Declaration and Certification of Finances, You graduated from high school or earned your GED, but did not enroll in a degree-seeking program at a college or university, Your application must be submitted by the. Completing the SRAR will take you less than one hour once you have collected copies of your academic records, and the SRAR is free for students to submit. Entering Class: Total Application Received: Admitted: Acceptance Rate: Northeastern Early Decision (ED1) Northeastern reserves the right to rescind your offer of admission or engage in any appropriate disciplinary action related to these issues. If you will not receive your final results until after admissions decisions are released: predicted grades should instead be submitted by your high school should. Depending on your student typewhether an Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Deci. Fortunately Northeastern University have two decision dates for early decision applicants, unlike most other schools. We fully understand that our prospective students are facing a unique challenge as they are limited in their opportunities for involvement during this time. by November 1 for Early Decision I (ED I); apply by January 1 for Early Decision II (ED II). The ranges provided below represent the middle 50% score ranges for students who were admitted and enrolled as first-year students in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. Optional Standardized Testing: For applicants applying for the 2022-2023 academic year, Northeastern University is test-optional and does not require standardized testing to complete an application for admission. You already received your bachelors degree from another college or university but you are choosing to apply for a second bachelors degree. Northeastern 2020-2021 A. If you have been out of high school for more than one year, you are still required to submit your most recent transcript. Clearly there is a huge edge for those applying ED to this institution. Early Decision Deadlines; Application Deadline: December 1: LSAT Taken Before or On: November: Admission Decision No Later Than: December 31: Early Action Deadlines; . You are a non-U.S. Citizen applying to Northeastern from a high school or university in any country around the world, even the U.S. You are a U.S. Citizen applying from a high school or university outside of the U.S. All high school transcripts must be sent directly to Northeastern by your high school by the application deadline. Downloadable Resources for your College Transition, Northeasterns Class of 2026 acceptance rate, SAT, ACT, and class rank of accepted Northeastern applicants, The demographics of current Northeastern undergraduates, How Northeasterns admissions officers evaluate candidates, How to assess whether applying to Northeastern is even worth the $75 application fee (for you). College of Arts, Media, and Design: 1,514, Khoury College of Computer Sciences: 2,938, College of Social Sciences and Humanities: 1,860. How do I get in touch with the admissions team? Yes, we meet the full demonstrated financial need for each admitted student eligible for federal financial aid. Like many universities during the pandemic, Northeastern has temporarily made SAT/ACT test scores optional. My kid got acceptance from Northeastern London. No additional application is necessary, as your application for admission serves as your scholarship application. How do I access my personal application information? You will need to provide an official translation for any transcripts which are not provided in English. Follow us for live Q&As, student takeovers, and more. Applying this early means it is vital to have a thought-out plan well in advance of the application deadline. Northeastern will waive the English proficiency requirement for applicants who not only complete 4 consecutive academic years in a high school or university where native English was the primary instructional language for all courses (except any foreign language courses) but also who meet one of the following criteria: The most convenient way to receive valuable information, advice, and next steps from Northeastern University. The date for Early Decision II is January 1, 2023. Every week, we post new content about the top colleges and universities, as well as premium admissions tips. New comments cannot be posted. Johns Hopkins University's jump is . Since we announced our test-optional policy, applications to Northeastern have increased significantly. Degrees Conferred Conversely, combined majors require at least nine courses associated with each of the two participating disciplines, rather than completing all requirements for each major. Each applicant must verify your ability to fully finance your Northeastern education, including tuition and fees, room and board, and personal living expenses. For early decision I, the priority deadline is November 15th. Students may indicate their Test-Optional status through their Application Status Check. Push the limits of learning with guidance, financial aid, and other resources. The advantage of applying Early Decision (ED) is that acceptance rates for ED applications are sometimes two to three times higher than the Regular Decision admission rates at the same schools. Are there any special opportunities for Boston students? 4 Year,. If you are admitted into NUIn and you didn't select it as your preference, you are not bound and can decline. In the 2021-22 cycle, Northeastern no longer utilized any supplemental essay prompts. Once you have created your application, please select Northeastern University to directly submit your application to us. 2023-24Eligible and Ineligible Cal Grant Schools By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. The merit amount will not change. Learn about our process, required documents, deadlines, and more. Without exception, all students must successfully complete their current academic program and submit all final transcripts. Answer: That's only a question that you can answer. Applying ED will provide a sizable edge if you find yourself on the cusp from an admissions standpoint. Given that the process of gaining acceptance into Northeastern becomes increasingly challenging with each passing year, this blog is designed to provide you with: 1) An understanding of how highly-selective the Northeastern admissions process truly is. 2) Data that will help you better assess how you measure up to the competition. If your final test scores are not within an acceptable range of your predicted results, Northeastern reserves the right to rescind any offers of admission. Non-native English-speaking applicants must continue to submit official results from an approved English Language Test or request a waiver through the Application Status Check. This is required for students whose native language is not English, which is indicated by the student on the application. While some applicants may submit results from multiple English language tests across multiple test dates to provide additional context, Northeastern will not superscore results from English language testing or consider MyBest scores from applicants who choose to submit the TOEFL iBT. If you are required to submit English Language Testing, you must submit results from one of the five tests listed below. Yet readers of our college admissions blog know better. The yield is the percentage of accepted students who end up enrolling in the school. Northeastern Early Steps Program Administrator, Department of Pediatrics @ UF College of Medicine-Jacksonville St Augustine, Florida, United States 714 followers 500+ connections There are multitudes of opportunities available at Northeastern, and if one takes charge of their own time here, I very much believe they can get to wherever they want in life SunnyDay27 3 yr. ago Last two years ED Decisions were released by December 8th .. good luck ! There, you'll find information on welcome sessions, orientation dates, deposit submission, academic advisors, and next steps regarding . Do you still have questions after reviewing the information above? We prefer most credentials are submitted online via The Common Application or the Coalition Application or to Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Here's how to get in touch with us. Early Decision Visit Days Early Decision Visit Days are an excellent opportunity to engage more deeply with Northeastern and other prospective students during the fall! YourOfficial High School Transcriptmust be submitted to Northeastern by your counselor or another school official. An online platform that permits students to self-report their coursework and grades directly to the university without requiring information to instead be sent by their high school/secondary school. Disciplinary issues that have occurred since admission, at Northeasterns New Student Orientation programs, during Move-In, or prior to the official start of the semester, must be fully disclosed as part of the terms of admissions. All waivers must be submitted through your, Northeastern will accept either the in-person version completed in a test center, or the TOEFL iBT Home Edition. It looks very interesting though and if you look at the academic schedule, their fall break will be Thanksgiving, which means they can still come home (if thats affordable) and see their friends. They post on social media first then the waves start. Early Decision (ED): Common Application or Coalition Application due Nov. 1; decision by mid-December. To complete the CSS profile, students should create an account through CollegeBoard and fill in the same information about income that they have to input into the FAFSA application. Early Decision applicants will be bound to their preference if they are admitted into that program. More decisions and statistics will be released in the coming weeks, so we will be updating this post as more information becomes available! Boston, MA 02115-5000 USA. Is this decision binding? If a student is looking to pursue the College of Arts, Media and Design they will need to submit a portfolio through Slide Room. 2.6k comments. 271 Huntington Ave The acceptance rate was 37.21%. Additionally: If 9th Grade in your education system is considered middle school, please exclude 9th Grade. Northeastern is a top-tier university, and their Early Decision acceptance rate reflects that. While Northeasterns application requirements are largely identical for all first-year applicants and all transfer applicants the application with Northeastern-specific questions, your academic records, secondary school report or college report, recommendation letters, standardized testing (optional), and English proficiency the documents which ultimately satisfy those requirements, specifically for the academic records, will sometimes vary by education system. What does an international student need to do to apply to Northeastern? Students who fall under this category should visit the homeschooling information page to learn more. Northeastern University Early Decision II Notification to be Released in March. All complete applications will be fully considered for admission to Northeastern. For more information, students can reference the CollegeBoard CSS checklist. In building the Class of 2026, the university admitted approximately 33% of those applied ED, compared to just 7% overall. Please note that finalists who list Northeastern after the priority deadline are eligible for the scholarship, but are not guaranteed to receive notification of the scholarship from Northeastern prior to May 1, 2023. You can access the DCF through your Application Status Check. I dont want to do anymore apps, According to the A2C decision calendar, northeastern released their ED 1 decision last year on November 9th! Are there separate housing and enrollment deposits? When in a combined major, can I do a Co-op in either discipline? Students can take comfort in The Northeastern Promise that the university provides as many resources as it can to help students cover the cost of attendance. They are completely different and neither one is better, maybe deferred cuz u get a second chance. I graduated from Northeastern's Engineering program; my professors were, for the most part, exceptionally knowledgeable, and many were conducting groundbreaking research in their field. The regular admissions application deadline for Northeastern is January 1. Northeastern was founded in 1898 and the school presently has around 33,676 students per year, which includes 20,337 undergraduates. I am worried because there seems to be no rejection for this EA only deferral. Yes, we do! It just drags out the wait and emotional weight on the students. First-year students may view their Offer of Financial Assistance through their Application Status Check. First, some basic timelines. Less than an hour. Admission to Northeastern University Boston, Admission to Northeastern University Oakland, Admission to Northeastern University London. Northeastern University February 1, Decisions released by Students who apply to Northeastern as part of the Early Decision, Early Action, and Regular Decision processes are all considered for entry to Honors. Boston, MA 02115-5000 USA. Can I change into a combined major after enrolling? Furthermore, all enrolling students will be required to submit final exam results, even students who applied test-optional to Northeastern, as final exams also serve as proof of high school graduation. accept results from the IELTS Indicator, TOEFL Essentials, or TOEFL ITP Plus for China. Please note: Northeastern willnotaccept results from the IELTS Indicator, TOEFL Essentials, or TOEFL ITP Plus for China. Freshman student parking requests are reviewed on a per-case-basis. My daughter (fall 2022) was originally deferred to Northeastern, then accepted to Honors Business with significant merit scholarship. If you are a current Boston Public High School student or recent graduate, please view ourNortheastern University and the City of Boston pamphletfor more information. While Early decision ii applicants will receive their decision by February 15. 1051 Niche users give it an average review of 3.8 stars. Admissions deadlines and decision dates vary by program at Northeastern's D'Amore-McKim School of Business. Connect with other applicants to swap stats, see how others fared, and get to know your future classmates, all on College Confidential. Northeastern super-scores and will only consider your best score between the two types of tests. Northeastern doesnt provide information on the ED deferral rate, but one of the options for students who arent accepted for ED is deferral to the Regular Decision. If you meet the criteria for a waiver, you can submit a waiver request through yourApplication Status Check. Determining where to spend the next few years of your life is no easy task. The saying when you know, you know may seem romantic in reference to finding a university, but the reality is more along the lines of when you know, it will be because you have done the research and weighed your options.. March 1, Decisions released by Therefore, the primary Common App essay takes on an even greater level of importance when applying to the university. Northeastern University Early Action / Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission Colleges and Universities A-Z Northeastern University early-decision, early-action, northeastern, official Wisemom January 31, 2023, 12:46am #2427 Accepted. The mid-50% ACT score was 33-35. Official English translations will be required for documents which are provided in languages other than English. Grateful. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Northeastern University Early Action / Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission, Cal Grant Eligible School List - California Student Aid Commission. If your education system does not issue transcripts, your high school must provide the academic records which detail the courses youve taken throughout high school, and the grades which youve received. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions Every avenue to Northeastern is unique. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment sodaoverpop . The deadline to apply for ED II is January 1st, with final decisions being released on February 15th. To request a change, log in to yourmyNortheastern Admitted Studentportal and select the Self-Service tab. A holistic review process is used to review all applicants to Northeastern for entry to Honors. Looks like they based your need at around $32k. The deadline for early decision I is November 1st. Please note: the scores provided below are not cut-off scores, but for estimating purposes, and in no way represent a promise or guarantee of admission. Northeastern has established several competitive scholarship programs to reward outstanding academic achievement. Press J to jump to the feed. Students who need to defer their acceptance will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. AnAcademic Evaluationmust be sent by a college professor, academic advisor, or employer. Northeastern University If you earned credits at an international institution, you will need to provide a certified transcript evaluation completed by a recognized credentialing agency, such as the. Decisions released by Committing to Northeastern through early decision comes with some attractive benefits. Please note: the scores provided below are not cut-off scores, but for estimating purposes, and in no way represent a promise or guarantee of admission. Complete the SRAR by adding your high school, coursework, and if applicable, any external exam information. Failure to successfully complete your current academic program in good standing could result in a decision to rescind your offer of admission. NU is no longer a particularly transfer-friendly institution. Create an account or link an account that you have already created. In recent years, they have only been offering perhaps an additional $5k more than originally (if any) offered via merit and then they just change the name of the scholarship. if the wait list is the first line , its probably better ?? Transcripts must be sent directly from your high school or university. Please see a list of these additional requirements below. In order for Northeastern to provide these resources, students need to make sure they have their FAFSA and CSS Profile completed by the priority deadline. also where r u in the world- im in the us east coast, Ive heard this too! Dont participate in portal speculation (e.g., this button is different on my portal compared to yesterday. There is truth to a university needing to feel right, but the feeling should be informed by financial aid options, academic requirements, location, and application timeframe. Deferred means that your application has been moved to the regular decision pool and I think will be reevaluated with the regular decision applications. Early decision 1 applicants are expected to receive a decision from Northeastern University by December 15. Regular Decision: March 15. Students who are accepted under early decision are eligible for the NU Accelerate Scholarship. Looking for guidance on your application? List your unweighted GPA, any SAT /ACT scores, and ECs. The test-optional preference will default to what was indicated in the application, and students have until the following dates to finalize their choiceyour test-optional status will be locked in after that date: The deadline for Early Decision I and Early Action applications isNovember 1, and Early Decision II isJanuary 1. Test results must be sent directly to Northeastern from the testing agency or examination board. . No matter the reason a student opts for early decision II, they need to demonstrate the same commitment to Northeastern as they would for early decision I because both are binding. Accepted. Students who choose to do ED II may opt for it because they need more time to prepare, because they have been denied early decision at another university, or simply because they came to the process too late to do early decision I. Results submitted to Northeastern after the application deadline will still be accepted, but we cannot guarantee we will be able to wait to receive your scores before making an admissions decision. Good question. Students will have access to internal scholarships and grants and can utilize tools like MyinTuition Quick College Cost Estimator and net cost calculators to get an idea of what their aid and expenses will look like. All college-bound teens need to make sure that they formulate anappropriate college list, containing a complement of target and safety schools. Examples include results from any IB exams, GCE A-Level exams, Cambridge Pre-U exams, Baccalaurat exams, Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Exams, Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) exams, Malaysian SPM exams, West African Senior School Certificate Exams, or Indian Standard XII board exams. Additional information for international students is available. The fellowship will provide two years of salary ($60,000 per year) and benefits plus an additional $5,000 each year to support travel for meetings and field research.